In co-operation with Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Based on the decision of the Scientific and Organizing Committees the workshop has been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic disease. The Organizing Committee has the intention orgazing the workshop next year. This will depend on the actual pandemic situation. All of the invited speakers will be informed.


The workshop addresses stability issues for ODEs, DAEs, PDEs, Dynamical Systems, and their discretizations. The meeting continues the workshops on stability of initial value ODEs, DAEs, and their discretizations held in

- Frostavallen (Sweden) in October 1999
- Berlin (Germany) in October 2004
- Vienna (Austria) in September 2008
- Pamplona (Spain) in April 2013
- Trieste (Italy) in June 2016

The topics addressed by the workshop have successively shifted and now includes SDEs and evolution equations in PDEs, as well as various applications. For the SDIDE 2020 meeting, the planned focal points include

- Stability issues in the time discretization of conservation laws
- Time discretization and regularization of highly oscillatory systems
- Long term time evolution in systems with invariants
- Problems in stochastic evolution systems
- SDEs with applications
- Evolution equations in PDEs
- Problems with invariants and constraints

We aim at a small scale meeting of about 50 invited participants including 36 invited speakers. All talks will be given in plenary sessions. Our goal is to exchange recent results, ideas and open questions. Furthermore, it is also a great place to make fruitful collaborations.

Petra Csomós, Imre Fekete, Ferenc Izsák, Péter Simon
Department of Applied Analysis and Computational Mathematics